Anonymous asks:

How would you make a Mega Luxray. Like stat changes, extra moves for Luxray next generation, ability change, type change, etc.

I’ve also received this question:
“How would you feel about a Mega Luxray that was an Electric/Dark type with Strong Jaw as an ability? To fit in with its ability, give it Poison Fang through breeding or move tutor, and Volt Tackle because there’s no reason for it to not have Volt Tackle. Then for its stats, lower its Special Attack and pour most of the stats into Attack with some going into Speed.”

But yeah, I don’t know… see, something along those lines probably makes the most sense with what Luxray can do now, since Luxray is a physical attacker with very few good physical moves.  But then in terms of Luxray’s flavour I would want to go in a completely different direction, because his most unique powers are related to vision and light, and that’s what I’d want to work with.  Along those lines I’d want a hypothetical mega evolution to increase Luxray’s special attack, with the addition of moves like Dazzling Gleam, an ability equivalent to Compoundeyes that would let him use Thunder with impunity (plus Fire Blast, maybe even Focus Blast), as well as make Glare (which of course Luxray should get) flat-out better than Thunder Wave, since it hits Ground-types.  Assuming you even want to use Glare, with the completely bonkers special attacks he’d be getting.  If he remains relatively slow, getting Glares against switch-ins might be important.  Then as well as that, add a new “Blinding Light” attack (not just for Luxray, probably for Ampharos, Lanturn, and a few others as well) that would be similar to Freeze Dry, being an Electric attack but getting bonus damage against Ghost and Dark Pokémon.  Probably wouldn’t even be used over Thunder on Mega Luxray, but I like it thematically.  Something along those lines.

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