Anonymous asks:

Now that there’s more info on Pokemon go, could we have your thoughts?

Okay well number 1 they just announced they’re recruiting beta testers back home in New Zealand and GOD DAMN IT WHY DID I MOVE TO THIS RIDICULOUS BACKWARDS LITTLE COUNTRY

But more to the point, let’s see… what do we know?  Well, it sounds like we’ve only got generation I Pokémon – at least in the first version.  That seems to me like a reasonable decision.  Sort out the basics and make sure everything works before trying to incorporate all seven hundred and however-the-f%#&-many we have now.  Eggs are going to be a thing, and will be incubated by your step count, which may finally convince me to exercise a little bit.  This is probably a good thing.  You can join one of three “teams” (Red, Blue and Yellow), and must work with your team to take and hold Pokémon Gym locations, which will… well, I mean, it’s not entirely clear to me at the moment what the purpose of that is, but I’LL BE DAMNED IF I GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT TO THOSE BASTARDS FROM… the… other teams… whoever they are.

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