Anonymous asks:

Do you have any Pokémon fan theories you are particularly fond of? If so, what are some of them? Would love to hear what theories a Pokémaniac such as yourself find intriguing! 😀

Other than my own? 😉 Heh.  No, that’s a joke; mine are a load of nonsense (just browse for a while, especially the anime commentaries).  But yeah, I don’t know… I don’t really go out of my way to look for these, and my reaction to a lot of them is “well, sure, if you like?”  I’m quite fond of the whole Venonat/Butterfree mix-up thing, purely because I think it’s one of the few bits of wild internet speculation that might actually be true.  Beyond that, though, mostly I just really enjoy the thought processes that go into some of the really dark interpretations of little details of the game, like the story that got built up around Blue’s Raticate dying on the S.S. Anne.  It’s going way further than I think you can take the creators’ intentions, but it’s interesting enough in its own right to be a lot of fun.

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