thephilosophicalsheep asks:

War has been a concept alluded to several times in the pokemon games, but has never outright happened. What would you think of a pokemon game in which the whole premise was that a war has started to break out, and your job was to stop it? War in the pokemon world sounds like an interesting concept, and using pokemon as tools of destruction could eventually be shown to be an unspeakable sin.

Well, we do have Conquest, don’t we?  That’s not really what you’re asking, but I think that would be Game Freak’s answer, that they don’t want that kind of theme in the core series; Pokémon’s preferred tone is a good deal more optimistic than that, and in fact even in Conquest war is pretty seriously declawed, from what I’ve seen of it.  Which is the problem, of course; Pokémon’s been around so long that you have people like me who’ve grown up with it, and wish it could have grown up bit more with us, and think that something exploring themes like that would be really interesting, but then you also have Game Freak, for whom Pokémon is (I think) a vision of what they wish our world could be like.  Evil exists, but it can always be overcome; people get hurt, but they can always be healed.

 There are allusions to war – Lt. Surge fought in one; Kalos was torn apart by one – but always as a thing of the past.  So I think that what you’re suggesting, stopping a war that is on the brink of happening could be interesting; you would, I imagine, have Team Evil behind the scenes on one or both sides encouraging war, hoping to gain somehow from the chaos, so that what you’re fighting against is the possibility of war itself.  You might even have something like a machine or drug that removes Pokémon’s inhibitions so they’ll no longer hold back from lethal blows, just to make it 100% clear that they’re being used for something that is not in their fundamental nature.  But I think if boots ever actually hit the ground, so to speak, if people or Pokémon ever started to die, that would be too much for Game Freak.

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