Anonymous asks:

I’m replaying HeartGold atm and just got to Bugsy when I noticed that his gym is spider web-themed, like Burgh’s and Viola’s. Why does GF make bug gyms with spider web designs? Can’t they do something else? Would be cool if they made like a beehive or an anthill gym or something, imo. Whaddya think?

Well, in point of fact they did make a beehive gym – Burgh’s original gym design from Black and White, before the renovations that took place in Black and White 2.  It was not one of their better gym designs, to be honest; the gimmick was that some of the walls were made of gluey honey and you could walk through them, which effectively just made moving through the gym painfully slow.  So, in answer – they can and they have, but it takes more than a good theme to make a gym fun.

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