Anonymous asks:

The name ‘Tough Claws’ is such a waste, in my opinion. It could and should have been used for an Ability that increases the damage output of scratching or clawing moves, like Scratch, Cut, Metal Claw, Shadow Claw, etc. (like Iron Fist or Strong Jaw) rather than use it for an Ability that raises any generic contact move. What do you think?

Well, I only think the name would be a “waste” if it meant that they couldn’t then make another ability like that at a later point, if they so choose.  They could just call it something different – “sharp blades,” maybe?  Potential ability names are a pretty broad possibility space.  “Tough Claws” is not the greatest naming choice, I’ll give you that; I think I would have called it something that sounded less specific, like “Brute Strength,” but I’m not particularly bothered by it.

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