Anonymous asks:

How do you feel about doing occasional reviews of Pokemon á la Gen 5 & 6 at a leisurely pace with no expectations for you to do them all? Basically just when you feel you haven’t posted in a while or had that particular Pokemon on the brain? Like “today I’m gonna share my thoughts on Wingull and Pelipper because I saw some seagulls at the mall today” or something like that.

No, but not because it’s a bad idea.

Where I am at the moment is… if I’m not posting things it’s not because I have nothing to post; as well as covering Generations I have to finish the story of my X Nuzlocke at some point, and I would prefer for that to happen before I start reviewing the generation VII Pokémon (which will be after I’ve finished playing the game and talking about the story, which itself will probably begin a couple of weeks after the game actually comes out), and if I ever do feel like I have nothing to post I’ll just do more anime commentaries. I’m just too damn busy right now.

Having said all that, I actually have recently come around to the idea of eventually doing something with the generation I-IV Pokémon, starting immediately after my inevitable reviews of the generation VII Pokémon.  This won’t be reviews in my accustomed style though; it’ll be something else whose precise format I’m still working on.  More on this at a later date.

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