VikingBoyBilly asks:

Are there any unevolved pokémon that are so adorable you just don’t want to evolve it? My list is magby, teddiursa, munchlax, tirtouga, and phantump. (I am DETERMINED to make a kickass eviolite phantump. BTW, do you think phantump is a Tiyanak (Also see wikipedia)? Pretty disjointed comment but I can kill multiple questions in one stone with this)

Hmm.  Well, nothing really jumps to the forefront of my mind… I’m scrolling down Smogon’s Little Cup tier list (that being the only place I could think of that just lists all the unevolved Pokémon) looking for possibilities but I’m having difficulty.  I mean, I like the cute ones, don’t get me wrong, but in most cases I find that that’s outweighed by the sense of realisation of potential that comes with evolution.  I’m half with you on Magby, I suppose, in the sense that I do like Magmar but Magmortar looks pretty stupid.  Perhaps Glameow a little, because Purugly is just so grumpy and surly-looking.  Koffing, definitely, because it’s a shame that Koffing is so happy and Weezing so… lung-cancer-y.  Patrat, I guess, insofar as Watchog is that much more unspeakably nightmarish.  And… Ralts, but only to spare her from the ravages of Rule 34.  The internet is a dark and terrible place.

Regarding the tiyanak… hmm.  Well, the biggest objection I can see is that tiyanak normally do look like children.  In the absence of any strong, specific tip-off that this is what they mean (e.g. in the name), it seems plausible that there could be some other similar myth, closer to Japan, that I just plain don’t know about.  But it makes sense; I don’t think it can be ruled out.

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