Anonymous asks:

here’s the big question: do you think phione is a mythical pokemon? on a side note, darkrai is listed as a mythical pokemon wherein cresselia, the other half of the lunar duo, isn’t. which for me is weird as their supposed to be a “set”, right? anyways, what do you think?

Well, as far as I can make out, “Mythical Pokémon” just designates Pokémon that aren’t (or at least, originally weren’t in their own generation) obtainable through normal gameplay – which is why Darkrai is one, but Cresselia isn’t.  Phione is obtainable through normal gameplay, but only if you already have Manaphy, who definitely is “mythical,” and although Game Freak seem to have been a bit confused by this at times, most of the time their party line is that yes, Phione is “mythical,” they just get their wires crossed occasionally.  Honestly I don’t think it’s a particularly interesting question, since the term doesn’t really have any in-universe significance as far as I can tell.

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