Anonymous asks:

I’ve always wondered about the peculiarities of Techno Blast; one, why did Team Plasma use CASSETTES, of all formats, to work with it? Two, how exactly does one use a cassette to change a laser’s properties? Three, how the heck do you give a laser the properties of water of all things?

Well, (2) is probably the easiest part of this question – the cassettes record predefined settings for Genesect’s laser cannon that change various properties of the beam (frequency, amplitude, etc).  Those settings could be changed manually, but doing so without knowing exactly what you’re doing would be extremely dangerous.  To (1), if you want an in-universe answer, it could be that Team Plasma has kinda retro aesthetic sensibilities (they dress as knights, they have a king and a castle, and just look at Ghetsis), and heck, maybe something to do with the length of the development time on the Genesect project.  The out-of-universe answer… well, believe it or not, cassettes tapes aren’t obsolete in Japan.  Despite having access to plenty of much newer technology, people still use them for recording dictations and notes in office settings, and you can still buy recent albums on cassettes in music stores.  It probably doesn’t seem incongruous at all to the hometown audience.  (3)… oh, I don’t bloody know; magic.  The laser delivers a concussive force like that of a breaking wave.  It resonates with water molecules in the air in such a way that it draws them into a pulsing beam.  I need someone to write better technobabble for me…

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