Anonymous asks:

Are you gonna continue your X Nuzlocke at any point? I enjoyed it immensely and hope it’s simply on hiatus… Not trying to pressure you, though!

I’m not sure… I would like to, but I also feel like probably, for most of my readers, it’s relatively less important than most of the other things I could be writing.  Like, it strikes me as a bad idea to finish the Nuzlocke at the expense of delaying my reviews of the 7th generation Pokémon by another couple of months.  And now OH CHRIST ANOTHER ONE ALREADY!?  WHY IS THERE ALWAYS ANOTHER ONE!?  And should I finish the Nuzlocke instead of writing about that?  That doesn’t sound right.  The problem is there’s always going to be something else that has a higher priority, but I don’t want to just leave it unfinished (and Jim the Editor keeps nagging me to get back to work on it as well).  So I don’t know; what do people think?

(If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you can start here)

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