Anonymous asks:

So today I learned that chimpanzees wage war on another. Like, legit ‘organize their social group to systematically kill another social group and take their territory and resources’ war. They also commit child infanticide. What. All of a sudden Primeape makes a lot more sense… and is infinitely more terrifying…

Yeahhhhh, us higher primates are dicks (bonobos, the other chimpanzee subspecies, are pretty chill though; they just have sex with everything instead of fighting).  Dunno if Primape is specifically meant to be a chimp, though; he doesn’t seem to do the kind of complex social behaviours that characterise chimps.  Bulbapedia reckons he’s actually meant to be a baboon, because of the piglike snout and species designation “Pig Monkey Pokémon” (and before someone mentions that Primeape loses his tail, yes, there are tailless monkeys), but then baboons are also highly social.  I think Primeape probably stems from a general observation that “y’know what?  Monkeys and apes are dicks.”

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