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What makes a society polytheistic or monotheistic? “When” is the point when a god is “created”? Does exist register of the specific starting of a cult to a god in a culture? Tradition has to begin at some point. Game freak is attempting to create a new generarion based in Greece. And they invite you to work in the plot/background/mythology as an expert. Would you leave your actual work to go with that (in case they are incompatible)? What things would you implement in that games? Game’s names?

1. I assume you’re not just looking for a definition of the words, but why some societies worship many gods and some worship one?  No idea.  I mean, the three major monotheistic world religions today (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all come from the same place, so we don’t exactly have a large sample size.  Also, all of them do recognise multiple divine beings that are lesser than the supreme god, some of which can be the focus of worship – Mediaeval Christians basically worshipped saints and archangels as minor gods, and don’t even get me started on this asshole, who is either a Catholic saint, the Devil, or an ancient Maya god… possibly all three.  No one is quite sure.

2. Dunno.  I’ve never seen it happen.  I think they mostly evolve out of existing gods – Venus is Aphrodite is Astarte is Ishtar and so on until you get back to some clay fertility icon made by some poor bastard living in a cave 50,000 years ago.

3. I… honestly don’t know what those words in that order mean.

4. Well, I’m actually on the record as being “meh” on the idea of a Greek/Aegean/Mediterranean Pokémon region, but if for some reason they came to me and asked, I guess probably.  I’m allowed to take a year or two off my PhD and come back to it later, so for a fixed-term project like that I wouldn’t be sacrificing much.

5. Something I would like to do in that situation would be to try and get across the “squabbling city-states” atmosphere of classical Greece through the form of the games’ equivalent to the gym challenge.  Rather than competing for your own personal reputation, you’re doing it on behalf of your city, and instead of just one Pokémon League and Elite Four, there are multiple tournaments that you have to qualify for, in imitation of the circuit of the big four athletic festivals of classical Greece (Olympic, Pythian, Nemean, Isthmian).  There are people in both your faction and your rivals’ factions who are trying to cheat, but you the player are, of course, a paragon of virtue and want to ensure a fair competition for all.  The big legendary Pokémon are all patrons of different tournaments and festivals.

6. Well, Alpha and Omega would make a great deal of sense for a Greek region, but they’ve already gone and used those, the fools, so… I like one of them being Marble, but the other… Bronze, maybe?

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