Anonymous asks:

what are your views on ledian and how can you make him (i really see ledian as a him) good or actually viable? because i, for one, was disappointed back when i was playing the gen 2 games for the first time because i thought ledian’s whole “ladybug that punches things with its four boxing glove arms” design was awesome.

Better stats.

I mean, that’s a dull cop-out answer, but… like… that has to be step one.  The boxing/punching thing seems to be a fairly important element of Ledian’s design, but they gave him an attack stat that’s outclassed by baby seals, some caterpillars, seaweed, and f&#%ing Bidoof.  It just takes an awful lot for a Pokémon in the 370-410-BST range to be good (barring mega evolutions) – Sableye has Prankster, Parasect has Spore and is still awful… has someone figured out how to make Pyukumuku work yet?  But yeah, you get the idea.  Also, Ledian already has Iron Fist as a hidden ability, and Iron Fist could probably stand to be buffed, because +20% is a bit sad compared to, say, Strong Jaw, Tough Claws, Mega Launcher and Sheer Force.  I wouldn’t want to push it all the way to +50% because it applies to a lot of different moves, some of them very powerful, and there are quite a few Pokémon that have it now, some of them very powerful, but I don’t think +33% would be unreasonable.

The thing is, although the punching thing is important to the design, what Ledian is actually best at now is support – speed, good defences (…relatively speaking), a bunch of neat support moves, U-Turn… I think what we really want here is a signature punch attack (Bug-type?) with some secondary effect that would appeal to a support role.  Maybe reducing the target’s speed or attack stats, or disabling the last move they used.

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