Anonymous asks:

Someone commented on the weirdness of Burn Up on one of your posts. I think High Horsepower is more of a missed potential here. The attack animation uses the shape of a horseshoe so it’s implied to be a horse kick, right? That’s such a wonderful excuse to give it to Rapidash and Zebstrika! Those two could really use a good physical Ground move, and if Game Freak aren’t going to give them Earthquake then why not High Horsepower, right? (Girafarig should get it too, if only because it suits him).

Yeah, that would make a lot of sense, actually.  Plenty of room for a move tutor in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, or just outright giving the move to other horselike Pokémon in generation VIII, in case you’re listening, Game Freak!  Signature moves are great and all, and there’s something to be said for keeping them exclusive, but we’re not just handing it out so they can have a nice Ground attack; the point of High Horsepower is to say “this Pokémon is particularly horsey and has a nasty backwards kick,” so if there are other Pokémon this applies to, go ahead.

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