Anonymous asks:

It fascinates me that Leech Life being buffed so much in S/M has led to Absorb taking its place on the movesets of a whole lot of Pokemon, even those who have no other Grass powers or have ever had any previously. Obviously this is for game balance, but do you think we could take it to argue that LL and Absorb (and maybe Mega/Giga Drain?) work on similar mechanics, thematically speaking?

Honestly I kinda would have assumed that even before generation VII.  How any Pokémon move works is super vague, and a lot of them probably don’t work the same way for all Pokémon, but both of these moves are doing something that somehow takes the target’s “life force,” whether that’s by sucking blood, or attaching roots like a Leech Seed, or just magic bull$#!t.

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