Anonymous asks:

Lets up the Blaziken vs Infernape arms race! Mega Infernape with +50 speed (puts him faster than Pheromosa), +25 attack, +25 special attack, and Adaptability as the ability. Too broken? Not broken enough?

Uh… well, I mean, if you’re sure that’s what you want

One-on-one against Blaziken you outrun her and can one-shot with Close Combat.  You’re about as fast as Mega Blaziken is after one round of Speed Boost, and with Adaptability your Fire and Fighting attacks are even stronger.  Your movepool has basically everything important that hers does.  Because you aren’t using Protect to stall for a Speed Boost, you have a bit more freedom to take coverage moves than she might, so you can mess with some of the stuff that usually counters Blaziken.  You could take Stone Edge for Ho-oh, for instance.  On the other hand, since Adaptability won’t apply to those coverage moves, they’ll only be useful against a couple of specific targets (e.g. you could take Grass Knot, but Kyogre will still suffer more damage from Close Combat).  Unlike Blaziken you have the option of going special with Nasty Plot and scaring the bejeezus out of physical tanks like Groudon or Mega Slowbro who accidentally switch into you, but I’m not sure you’d be as effective overall as you would with a more conventional Swords Dance approach.  You’d also have to think about whether to give Adaptability to vanilla Infernape, because Blaziken doesn’t need to mega evolve to get Speed Boost; you can use her and still have a different mega Pokémon on your team, whereas if Infernape is stuck with Iron Fist until mega evolving, you are pretty much locked into giving your one mega stone to him.  Just considering the mega forms, I think what you’ve built is basically a slightly more powerful, slightly more versatile version of Mega Blaziken, which… like… is fine, but… why?  We already have Mega Blaziken.  If you’re going to design a Mega Infernape, doing it in terms of an “arms race” with Blaziken strikes me as not a very interesting way of thinking about it.

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