Not Squidward Tentacles asks:

I hope I don’t inspire a thought…because I love your writing!!!

But…just as vinyl records will one days produce nothing more than scratching noises, and the tv will one day return to just being a square plastic box…will you one day stop writing on here?

Well, I probably will die eventually, as have the majority of humans in history.  Obviously I have set certain mystical contingencies against that event, whose details I shall not divulge for the sake of readers’ sanity and/or plausible deniability.  But ultimately, the Endless Void claims us all.

I don’t think I’ll stop writing before that though.  I might stop writing for this blog, and I might even (stars forbid) stop writing about Pokémon, but I don’t think I can stop writing altogether.  It’s in my nature.  And after all, someone has to shriek at Game Freak whenever they do something stupid.

2 thoughts on “Not Squidward Tentacles asks:

  1. Wait. What are you trying to pull? Do you mean to say that you’re going to _stop_ writing this blog the next time you die? _Last_ time you died ( ) you barely even made a fuss of it! Yet now you’re trying to use mere _death_ as an excuse to take a break? What’s going on here?

    Also that was Old _English,_ not Old _Babylonian!_ My translator and I were both _stumped!_ *humphs*

    Anyway, first time commenter, I think! I love your work.


    1. Ah, I suppose confusion is understandable. For here I am referring not merely to death, of the temporary and surmountable variety, in which one is whisked off for a few rousing adventures in the Hell dimensions or a debate with some ancient philosophers in Highest Ethereum, but to True Death, the final and complete unravelling of the soul, beyond which there is no more, and which even the greatest of us must one day face, as dictated by the iron laws of entropy. Although, in my case, perhaps not for another few thousand years, if all my plans proceed according to… well… plan.

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