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I Could no longer….

Anyways, how do you think gamefreak would approach restoring Kyurem to the original Dragon?

My idea would be (as true to the seemingly benevolent natures of the protagonist in the games). Reshiram and Zekrom giving a piece of their essence, which would then be transformed into a mega stone for Kyurem

Well I am not Game Freak, as I have learned over the course of the last seven years, slowly, painfully and at great material and mystical cost.  What we actually know about any plans Game Freak may ever have had to release this Pokémon (let’s call it “Primal Kyurem” for the sake of argument – I think Primal Reversion is arguably a better analogy for what we’re doing than Mega Evolution) is that there is an unobtainable item lingering in the code of all the games from Black and White onwards, called the God Stone.  Aside from its grey colour, it looks exactly like the Light Stone and Dark Stone, the dormant forms of Reshiram and Zekrom, which are plot-critical items in the final versions of Black and White.  Not enough information is left in the finished games for us to deduce what the God Stone was intended to be for.  It might have been meant as a dormant form of Kyurem, but the name “God Stone” seems altogether too grand for a being as diminished and broken as Kyurem.  I suspect it is the item, created by somehow merging the Light and Dark Stones, that would be absorbed by Kyurem (as it absorbs the Light Stone or Dark Stone at the climax of Black or White 2) to restore it to its “primal” state.  But even if this is true, the notion was probably abandoned at a relatively early stage of the games’ development cycle.

Now, my understanding of the relevant lore is that Reshiram and Zekrom are part of the ancestral dragon.  The sacrifice of some of their “essence” or “energy” or “spirit,” however we want to frame it, would not – I think – be enough to effect the restoration.  Reshiram and Zekrom are supposed to represent yin and yang, the divided whole, the harmony of opposites, the balanced equation.  They became what they are because of a schism between two principles – truth and ideals – that should never have been opposed, that actually act in the plot of the games and movies as though they mean the same thing, and Kyurem is the wound left by their division.  Kyurem without them is a husk, an empty vessel waiting (as the Pokédex puts it) “for a hero to fill in the missing parts of its body with truth or ideals” – or, alternatively, with Ghetsis’ terrible ambition.  In Black and White 2, when Ghetsis fuses Kyurem with N’s dragon (I refuse categorically to use the so-called word “absofusion”), the result is still an ungainly monster, and the same is true even when the saintly player character performs the fusion.  There’s also no way to progress the fusion further, to unite Reshiram with Black Kyurem or Zekrom with White Kyurem.  I think, and I am 100% making this up, that the fusions we see are a dead end because, either way, Kyurem is being empowered by a single will, a single vision, a single truth or ideal.  But yin and yang aren’t about singularity, they’re about the reconciliation of opposed forces, duality in harmony.  And in the original Black and White we have all this vaguely prophetic nonsense in which N believes that he can only become the saviour of the Unova region and free Pokémon from slavery if he has a worthy opponent; Reshiram and Zekrom are at their true potential only when they are balanced against one another and each is attuned to the will of a hero.  I would say that you can’t restore “Primal Kyurem” alone because it requires the reconciliation of two fully-realised heroes, each in perfect unity with their partner dragon.  The player and N have to pursue their truths and ideals to the very end, find the common thread that makes them friends rather than enemies, partners as well as opposites, make Reshiram and Zekrom see that unity too, and only then bring them to Kyurem together.  I reckon that’d do it.  Dunno how much of Unova would be left standing after both the player and N became fully-realised opposing heroes, of course, but hey, you only live once.

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