Might be Squidward Tentacles asks:

I am the culmination of your dreams…and nightmares…

Some of these villains were over the top, some were pretty within realistic “levels of insanity” like Giovanni (Pokémon mafia) and Ghetsis (manipulating with a front) . I seek your creativity! How would YOU, the great Chhrrrriiiiis, make a villain team?

Culmination of… dreams and nightmares…?

But… putting aside the sheer improbability of a threesome with Chris Pratt and Grant Gustin, why in the name of all that is holy would Game Freak choose that as their design for an evolved form of Garbodor?

…uh… anyway…

Pokémon likes villains who believe on some level that what they’re doing is justifiable, even necessary.  Which makes sense, because that’s what villains are like in the real world – only a rare few psychopaths are conscious of being evil; most evil people think they’re doing what they have to, because it’s their job or because it will protect their family or because it will help their country or any number of other excuses.  It takes real training and effort to recognise that something you’ve done is evil, because you think of yourself as a good person, and good people “by definition” don’t do evil things.  Which is why, the last time I tried to answer this question (yeah, I’ve written about everything before), I came up with a group who were sincerely trying to free Pokémon from humans no matter how terrible the cost – everything Team Plasma pretended to be – led by a human whose Pokémon partner had suffered abuse and abandonment at the hands of a cruel trainer long ago.  Their objective – arguably a good one – is so important to them, and their feelings about it so powerful, that they will countenance any harm, any chaos, to see it to completion.  This is what Archie and Maxie are like, and Lysandre; Ghetsis wanted N to be like that; even Cyrus believes he’s trying to end all suffering in the universe.  Hell, Lusamine in Ultra Sun and Moon is trying to save the world; you can see how she might think the ends justify the means.

But I guess I should come up with a new idea, so… I think it could be interesting to have a Professor turn out to be the villain.

Maybe the Professor who gives you your first Pokémon is a scientist working on Pokémon medicine, whose experiments are defunded very early in the plot after some serious accidents or ethical violations.  Let’s call her Professor Hazel.  Hazel is certain her new medicines and technologies will work with just a little more research, and certain they’ll save many lives if she can just eliminate a couple of final flaws; maybe one of her own Pokémon is dying of an illness she thinks she can cure.  She could well be right, but the player doesn’t have the expertise to be sure.  When Professor Hazel can’t get the necessary funding and materials to complete her research legally, she turns to crime, perhaps in the company of a few like-minded researchers, doctors and nurses – reluctantly at first.  But once that threshold is crossed, some of them rapidly begin to feel liberated by their newfound freedom from ethics committee oversight and the whims of prestige-obsessed grant committees.  Calling themselves “Team Remedy,” they begin stealing Pokémon to act as test subjects and pursuing more and more reckless experiments in their quest for medical breakthroughs – all the while telling themselves it’s for the greater good.  At the height of their influence, they may even begin to take over Pokémon Centres, forcing the player to be suspicious of the healing they’ve always taken for granted.  Since using legendary Pokémon to change the world is another theme common to most Pokémon villains, Professor Hazel may ultimately try to capture a Deoxys, a Pokémon supposedly related to viruses, to complete her research – but end up provoking it to new heights of rage, maybe even releasing some sort of plague in its anger.  The player is forced to work with Hazel and Team Remedy to deal with the consequences – while making sure that they face justice for what they’ve done in the end.

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