Jeffthelinguist asks:

So (almost) all Pokémon evolved from Mew. What about the rest of life, did Arceus created humans and/or other animals separately? If humans came from Mew as well (I mean humans supposedly married Pokémon and I think there were other hints that early humans didn’t see themselves as that different from Pokémon), then what type are humans? If they have their own type… what would their weaknesses and resistances be?

This is an area where I have a few old sticking points that make me possibly the wrong person to ask. I’m on the record as not believing the standard line about Mew being the ancestor of all Pokémon and thinking that the Pokémon world’s scientists must simply be wrong about that. They believe it because Mew’s DNA has been shown to contain the genetic code of all known Pokémon – which is not something that any real-world geneticist or evolutionary biologist would expect a common ancestor to have. In fact it strikes me as basically impossible for a common ancestor to contain the genetic code of all its descendants, barring some kind of bizarre time loop in which Mew is somehow also descended from every known Pokémon. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that genetics and evolution don’t work the same way in the Pokémon world, and that the idea of Mew being the original ancestor must be correct given the unknown biological laws of that world. Or it’s literally magic, in which case, who knows?

I’m also not sold on the humans-marrying-Pokémon thing as literal fact, because we learn about it in books from what is explicitly a library of mythology, and whether or not Pokémon believes that “all myths are true” is… complicated, and maybe worth a much longer discussion some time? The idea of a lost mythic age in which people and animals were equals is an idea that exists in some real mythologies, but no one thinks it’s true, and the societies of the Pokémon world have compelling ideological reasons to retain a myth like that as part of their culture even if it has no basis in fact. Similarly, even whether Arceus really created the universe is something that I suspect we should be more cautious about. The Pokédex couches everything it says about Arceus in “it is said” or “it is described in mythology.” It’s very powerful, clearly – powerful enough for an ancient tribe of Sinnoh to believe it created the universe. But there is no in-game source that we would expect to be a reliable authority on this question. Well… except maybe Arceus itself. And maybe Arceus thinks it’s in its own interest to have us believe the myths.

But regardless of all that, I think humans ought to be treated mainly as Normal-types who can learn a range of Fighting-type and occasionally Psychic-type attacks.

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