its-showtime-synergy asks:

Pyukumuku’s “eyes” are never actually shown to blink or emote (when even Butterfree’s are, despite it having compound eyes). So… yup. That’s an anus.

…ohhhhhh good.

I mean, the distinctly un-mouth-like shape and the parallels with real sea cucumbers did give me pause, but I was willing to give Pyukumuku the benefit of the doubt.  Although… what benefit there is in vomiting up your lungs as opposed to farting them out, I’m not entirely certain.  In any case, that’s the last time I trust a sea cucumber.

One thought on “its-showtime-synergy asks:

  1. Further evidence: sea cucumbers have tentacles around their mouth to help them get food into it. Looking at Pyukumuku… that fluffy bit isn’t a tail, it’s those tentacles. So yep, agreed, that asterisk is an anus.


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