Anonymous Nobody asks:

I am sorry but reading your last answer to Ty and seeing the part where you said “unless Mewtwo is somehow half human, which I don’t think is what anyone ever intended to imply”… well, that is actually the case in Pokémon Aeventures manga at least in which Blainehad to use some of his own cellsto create Mewtwo as they did not have enough Mew cells. I am just curious to know what you think about that.

Well, Pokémon Adventures does tend to have a lot of independence and I don’t think it necessarily says much of anything about the “intent” of writers working on the games or anime.  I suppose more than anything I think it’s a little encouraging that I’m not the only person who played the games and thought “you know what would be a plausible explanation for Mewtwo’s background?  Human DNA.”

One thought on “Anonymous Nobody asks:

  1. Wow, ditto that (pun intended) hypothesis! I actually thought all along that Mewtwo’s angst, anthropomorphic body/dimensions, & feeling of not quite belonging alongside humans while also having an uncanny ability to command or influence other Pokémon is because it emerged as a “genetic experiment” by Team Rocket to create an “enhanced” artificial Pokémon. By “genetic experiment” & “enhanced”, I do mean part human. Older & better versed in genetics jargon today, I’d say Mewtwo was generically engineered with human genes spliced into the genome of pluripotent (embryonic?) cells from Mew (Specifically Mew because I think the case could be made that Mew is composed of stem cells that never lose their ability to change into any cell type, but can also revert into uniquely malleable stem cells. Basically, Mew made from all stem cells that change as needed to meet whatever pressures Mew faces at a given moment.)

    But of course, expressly stating that kind of science fiction as canon for a children’s series is too dark for Nintendo’s tastes so we are left to speculate with a knowing sense of horror & pity.


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