oh god damn it; why won’t they LEAVE ME ALONE

Can’t they SEE I’m not done reviewing the seventh generation Pokémon yet!?

Sooo… Apparently this is a “mythical Pokémon,” meaning one of the subset of legendary Pokémon that can’t be obtained through normal gameplay.  It started appearing in Pokémon Go earlier this week… or rather, Ditto that have transformed into Meltan started appearing.  The workaround with Ditto is odd, but the idea of introducing a new Pokémon through Go is neat, and creates a cool feeling of discovery for people who stumble upon it without already knowing it’s there.  This is also a pretty clever way to quietly advertise generation 8 to players of the mobile game (many of them players who had dropped Pokémon for a number of years, and were drawn back by nostalgia and Go‘s low barriers to entry).

Meltan is apparently a Steel-type Pokémon made of living, liquid metal, capable of absorbing other metal objects into itself.  It’s apparently based on a hex nut, which is… weird… but the liquid body, and being based on something that is only a part of larger machines or constructs, could both point towards multiple Meltan being able to combine into more powerful entities.  There is a distinct and worrying possibility that Meltan will be only one of several weird-cute little Steel-types in the shape of machine parts, and then when you bring them all together they assemble into the fµ¢&ing dragonzord or something.  Where there’s a nut Pokémon, there must be a bolt Pokémon, and why stop there?  Washers, nuts, screws, the sky’s the limit.  THERE, I made a damn prediction about something; I hope you’re happy, because that’s officially 100% of my prediction quota for the leadup to generation 8.

7 thoughts on “oh god damn it; why won’t they LEAVE ME ALONE

    1. Well, I guess at that point it’s sort of a matter of definition. I wouldn’t call Manaphy and Lucario “late entries to generation III” because Lucario is referenced in Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue, and Manaphy’s egg comes from Pokémon Ranger. They mentioned a while ago that Let’s Go would include a new Pokémon, and I’ve always worked under the assumption that this would be the beginning of their promotion of generation VIII.


      1. Fair point. I guess it comes down to whether it’s included in gen 8’s regional dex? Though even if it’s not, there’s arguments either way – Let’s Go being a remake of Yellow Version (albeit dumbed down) makes it quite an original case, and I’m not sure if the Let’s Go games would be called gen 7 or 8…


      2. Wouldn’t Bonsly also be gen 3 under that logic?
        T-o wouldn’t we also have to call a lot of gen 2 from 1 …. things would get way too confusing if we did that.
        Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity came out be for X/Y, does that mean all of gen 6 is gen 5 ???


      3. In response to lealea477 (It’s not letting me reply to message that far in):

        I’m not using that logic as those are spinoff games. I’m going off the logic of mainline games – regardless of how people feel about different capture mechanics, the Let’s Go games remakes of a previous mainline game. And we’ve yet to have any Pokémon introduced in such a remake. Hence why I could see the argument going either way, this is unprecedented.


        1. It does also sound like *only* generation I Pokémon, plus Alolan forms thereof, and apparently Meltan, will be obtainable at all in Let’s Go, though (which I think in itself is reason enough not to count it as part of the core series, even if they are going to insist on calling it a remake of Yellow). Other generation VII Pokémon won’t be. I think it’s unhelpful and a little bit misleading to characterise Meltan as part of a previous generation whose other members are all unobtainable in the only game so far where Meltan appears. Seeing it as part of a promotion of the next generation, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to me like a *wild* departure from Game Freak’s past practice.


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