5 thoughts on “Pokémottos #806

    1. Firstly, please tell me you know that it’s deliberate and not a mistake…

      Once that’s established, then you should know my exact response to this was “Ha! Stupid, but then it’s a stupid Pokémon so…”

      The editorial process for this blog is shrouded in mystery, even to us. Only initiates of the Dark Council are permitted to know what goes on via our trans-Altantic communications…

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      1. 1) I want to hear more from JimtheEditor (yes, even if he is straight). Maybe he should offer us one or two “second thought posts” where he rebuts some of Chris’ previous verdicts & reconsiders a batch of Pokémon from the archive at a time. Might be fun to read in the meantime until Gen VIII.

        2) I really should join your Patreon by now. I’m an original reader from way back when & frequent commenter 🙃

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  1. Hey, don’t steal focus, Chris, we were talking about me for a change! Haha.

    If you want more me, I did briefly do a YouTube thing – it may probably soon make a come back… And no worries about the patreon thing, we love all of our readers – especially those who take the time to comment!

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