A Pokémon Trainer Is You!

The day has finally come!  Having reached at last the ripe old age of [data not found], you are ready to leave Pallet Town all on your own and quest for glory!  A Pokémon trainer is you!  Your Pokémon legend is about to unfold!  Y’know, unless you get lost in the woods and starve to death.  That can happen.  I knew a guy once who that happened to.  Poor Larry.  Rest in peace, man.

Whatever, whatever.  You’ve gotta be at Professor Oak’s lab, kid!  You don’t want that other jerk to get a head start on you!

Remember, kid: this journey’s gonna be all about choices.  It’s a crazy world and it’s easy to run out of time, so you won’t always have a chance to go back and try everything, and you gotta make your decisions carefully.  Sometimes, especially if you get in a fight, you can try something that won’t be guaranteed to work, and you’ll have to use your head to decide what the best choice is.  But remember: trying new things and being creative probably won’t get you killed!  Larry… Larry was a special case; he was pretty dumb.

Oh, right; I was supposed to read the script.  Uh, something something, dreams and adventures, blah blah, let’s get going!

[Each week’s polls will remain open from Friday morning until Monday evening (US Eastern time).]

14 thoughts on “A Pokémon Trainer Is You!

  1. Oh my, I am finally a trainer. I sm so going to catch that chandelier that burns human souls. Or maybe that balloon that likes to drag children to hell. Or a murderous sandcastle! Or…

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    first time posting, long time lurker, had to comment just to feel like I left more of a mark.

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  3. [x]Devious

    Plan Joseph Joestar is a go! Your next line will be: “Wow, Hugh! Great plan!”

    Man, I’ve been looking forward to this~~~ 😀

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    1. This reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday about the “Nani Paradox” which goes as follows: if Joseph Joestar says to Kenshiro “Your next line is: Omae wa mou shindeiru”, who says “NANI?!” afterwards?

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      1. Not much of a paradox, really. Joseph’d only say that if he’d seen the Hokuto no Shin-ken coming and devised some clever counter to it, so it would definitely be Kenshiro.

        …Unless the clever counter didn’t work. But still, not as much of a paradox as people like to make it seem.


  4. Oh, by the way, I picked the “I think it’s like a color or something” option hoping that it could get me an OC instead of the jerk the other options were more definitively aiming for.


  5. Alright, interesting enough first results. Compassion, Science, and Tactics seem to have won which is… fine, I guess. I kind of wanted to have a character who wasn’t just /me,/ but whatever. I’m personally mostly disappointed Devious didn’t make it in; I was hoping for some sweet Devious-Tactics combos – although, the three we ended up getting imply a few interesting combos of their own… Hm… I’m actually liking the current combo more the more I think about it…

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