Three More Speculative Galarian Forms…

Hey all, Jim the Editor here!
I think we can all agree that this opportunity for Chris to spread his wild ramblings over at PokéJungle is pretty cool – and so was the way in which PokéJungle used pitches for Galarian forms as a writing sample. I was so intrigued that having heard Chris had his own designs in mind and needed/wanted no input from me, I went about creating three of my own. Now, I did not submit these for consideration and therefore was not restricted by word-limits or considerations of style; so, with that in mind, here are my three speculative Galarian forms!

The first of my Galarian forms is based on the plight of the red squirrel. Found all across Eurasia, this rodent now faces heavy ecological pressure due in no small part to the introduction of the Eastern Grey Squirrel from North America…

Basic Concept; I’m an editor not an artist…

Galarian Pachirisu
The Fire Squirrel Pokémon
Type: Fire/Fairy
Abilities: Flash Fire, Strong Jaw
Signature Move: Flaming Nuzzle (Fire, Base Power 20, Acc 100, 100% chance to burn)

Pokédex Entries
Pokémon Sword: Galarian Pachirisu was once common throughout the region, living in the woods and forests of Galar. However, habitat destruction and the growth of cities in the North of the region have made this Pokémon rare.

Pokémon Shield: Due to the introduction of the non-Galarian electric variety which, due to its affinity for electricity, has thrived in the new urban niches afforded by the expansion of human cities, Galarian Pachirisu is now only common in the South of the region.

Base Stats:

HP Attack Defence Sp. Attack Sp. Defence Speed
95 45 65 45 95 70

Okay, time for my second Galarian form, and I’m already kind of cheating… This was my excuse for creating a completely new evolution but hey, Game Freak already did this themselves with Linoone -> Obstagoon, so I say it’s fair game. This design is based on one of the UK’s completely indigenous species: a hardy, humble bumblebee – the Scilly Bee (with a few liberties taken of course).

Like I said, I’m not an artist, but I’m imagining a soccer ball with wings..

Galarian Combee (male) + Comballbee
The Lonely Bee Pokémon
Type: Bug/Fairy
Abilities: Thick Fur (halves damage from ice and water attacks), Sap Sipper
Signature Move: None but does have access to Grassy Terrain.

Pokédex Entries
Pokémon Sword: Although the females differ little from their mainland counterparts, Male Galarian Combee are occasionally found miles away from any known hive sites.

Pokémon Shield: It is unclear why but Galarian Male Combee are often found living outside of a hive structure.

Pokémon Sword: Due to its large size and rounded shape, Comballbee is only capable of flying short distances at a time.

Pokémon Shield: Solitary life has meant that Comballbee has had to adapt a special type of fur to protect it from the elements.

Base Stats (Comballbee):

HP Attack Defence Sp. Attack Sp. Defence Speed
80 102 80 102 80 30

Last but not least, my third Galarian design is based on a modern urban legend which persists across rural England and Scotland: the existence of a large felid species roaming the British countryside. British Big Cats are almost always described as dark feline-like creatures reportedly the size of Panthers or Pumas. Mystery still surrounds these sightings as no known species of large cat inhabits this area. As a result, this has given rise to another name for them, Phantom Cats.

Basic colour scheme again… came out a little too similar to the shiny though.

Galarian Purrloin and Liepard
Spectral Wildcat Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Normal
Abilities: Spectral (Reduces accuracy of physical attacks used against it)
Signature Move: None

Pokédex Entries
Pokémon Sword: Despite numerous sightings each year, many inhabitants of Galar still believe that this Pokémon exists only in local myths.

Pokémon Shield: Some scientists believe that this form originated from a population of pets which were released into the wild by their owners.

Base Stats:

HP Attack Defence Sp. Attack Sp. Defence Speed
50 112 60 50 60 114

So, those were my pitches for the three Pokémon I believe deserve Galarian forms and how I’d like to see them executed. If there are any artists out there who would like to try their hand at drawing any of my designs (or Chris’ for that matter), we’d love to see them! I think you can post images in the comments?

8 thoughts on “Three More Speculative Galarian Forms…

          1. I don’t actually have an account yet so I am not very familiar with the platform, but from what I’ve heard it appears to be a welcoming place where people are always polite, compassionate and intellectually generous. So yay for Chris!

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  1. Important thing: Regional Variants, as a rule, always retain the species name of the original Pokemon. This unfortunately limits what regional variants can change. Liepard and Combee would still work just fine with their original species name, but Pachirisu flat-out would have to remain Electric type.


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