Jim the Editor asks:

What do you think of the Halloween-themed pokemon go designs?

So Jim and I talked about these for a while, and… well, I actually hadn’t given them much thought at all, previously. Hallowe’en is much less of a big deal in New Zealand than it is in the US, and is almost exclusively an event for, like, preteens. Hallowe’en fancy dress parties aren’t really a thing, or at least weren’t for my age group. Jim had a thought, though, which is that these are… well, obviously they’re cute costumes, but also weirdly insensitive, in a way? I mean… Pikachu. You’re dressing up as a Pokémon that knows its true appearance is horrifying and wants to look like you because it’s desperate to be loved. That is in bad taste, Pikachu. You can take that costume off and everyone will still love you. If Mimikyu takes its costume off, everyone will be dead. And you, Charmander – Cubone wear those skulls to mourn their dead mothers, and you’re wearing it because it’s fun to look spooky, you insensitive little $#!t. Squirtle… y’know, I don’t know if this is as bad, but Squirtle, you are dressing up as a Pokémon whose existence is torture and whose own physical form is a constant sorrowful reminder of its own lost life. I just feel like a Yamask might find that offensive, y’know? Bulbasaur… Bulbasaur, you can keep being Shedinja, you’re fine. Shedinja doesn’t give a fµ¢£. I mean, you do also have objectively the $#!ttiest costume but I don’t think you’re doing something actively harmful.

7 thoughts on “Jim the Editor asks:

  1. Honestly, recursive costumes are always amusing to me, especially when the “costume” part is blatantly half-assed.


    1. …If a Mimikyu skinned that pikachu and wore its skin like a suit, without first taking that costume off?


  2. Also, I highly doubt Yamasks are actually the spirits of dead children. You can hatch those guys from eggs, which I’m pretty sure is where living children come from, not dead ones.


      1. Children die all the time in our own world, and our wildlife doesn’t include laser fish. (Also, the main area of Unova where they’re found is the wreckage of the World Trade Center, because why not have a Pokemon that’s implied to the people who died in 9/11?)


      2. Yamasks are not dead children, that’s Phantumb. Yamask are just general dead people. And they apparently remember their old lives. And their masks used to be their faces when alive. Man it’s still kind of effed up.

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