No “A Pokémon Trainer Is You” this week

…as I am still recovering from my recent death and reincarnation, which, believe it or not, remains the most efficient way to travel from North America to New Zealand, provided you know the appropriate spells to deal with the skull goblins of the underworld dreamways, and have agents on site at your destination to perform the correct ritual.

Technically you can also take a plane but it’s terrible for your carbon footprint and obviously leaves you vulnerable to aerial attack from void geese. Also those long flights just suck, y’know?

One thought on “No “A Pokémon Trainer Is You” this week

  1. Fun fact: this is basically how Star Trek’s teleportation works. Although in that case, the reincarnation happens first, and in at least one episode the “death” part malfunctions so they end up with two of the same guy.


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