Kalosian Porygon asks:

What’s your opinion on Lavender City stories made up by fans, e.g. creepypasta?

I haven’t actually read a lot of them, not enough to really be aware of them as a particular “genre,” anyway.  I suppose I think of them much the same way as I think of other fanfic – namely, “fµ¢£ the canon, stories belong to their readers.”  Anything that you or I write about the Pokémon world is, in a certain sense, just as “true” as anything that comes from the creators on high, and that’s perhaps doubly the case in Lavender Town, where the games themselves want us to be unsure of exactly what is real and what isn’t. Haunted places, after all, defy precise understanding and demarcation, and that white hand on your shoulder… no, I’m just imagining things.

One thought on “Kalosian Porygon asks:

  1. “and that white hand on your shoulder… no, I’m just imagining things.”

    Obligatory reminder that Pokemon Origins put a mostly-transparent white hand on Red’s shoulder for that scene. Because of course they had a scene for that, the town in general is one of the most iconic parts of Gen1 as this question obliquely points out.


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