Leo M. R. [Patreon Cultist] asks:

Let’s have a fun, not-serious Pokémon discussion, shall we? Which of the newer Pokémon do you think would go well with Trainers from older generations? For example: Toxtricity so obviously belongs on Roxie’s team, and the same goes with both Lurantis and Erika, and Primarina and Wallace (side note: why does Primarina get the Fairy typing but not Milotic, huh Game Freak?). Would a Coalossal for Roark or Heliolisk for Volkner be too typecasting based on their cities? Other examples I can think of are Karen with a Mandibuzz, Wikstrom vibes with Corviknight, Drake (Hoennese Elite Four, not Orange League Champion) would probably like a Dragalge, and Cynthia goes well with a Cofagrigus/Runerigus.

Then you have the Trainer-Pokémon pairs that would be fun and cool outside of combat situations, à la Jasmine and her Ampharos. Potential pairs include Phoebe dancing with a Bellossom, Koga/Janine training with a Greninja, and Brawly surfing with an Alolan Raichu, while Crasher Wake + Hawlucha + Incineroar sounds just like the kind of recipe for disaster that would make for a good Friday night. Any other ideas?


I feel like Lt. Surge, as a military man, would appreciate the stealth and surprise features of Stunfisk, as well as the shock-and-awe tactical capabilities of Zebstrika.  Agreed on Greninja for Koga and Janine, but I think Accelgor is an even better pairing as it matches their Bug-type secondary specialisation and their tricky fighting style.  Coalossal and Heliolisk for Roark and Volkner are absolutely typecasting, but isn’t that kind of the point of this exercise?  I can kind of see Sabrina with Gothitelle, since she has the right kind of “distant, fate-obsessed waif” energy.  Cufant and Copperajah are the adorable animal-form Steel-types that Jasmine was always missing, leaving a void that Ampharos had to fill.  Phoebe clearly needs a sensu-style Oricorio to go with her general Hawaiian-inspired aesthetic.  Whitney has a sort of “earnest farm girl” aesthetic that I think Stoutland and Dubwool are both a really good fit for.  Stylish, elegant Fantina would work well with Chandelure.  I can somehow see Roxanne with Stonjourner, maybe because it has the same emphasis on direction, position and landscapes as her existing partner, Nosepass.  Agreed that Toxtricity is just violently perfect for Roxie, particularly the low-key form whose colour scheme matches hers.  Lorelei might take Froslass or Alolan Ninetales, or both; they fit her “stylish but deadly” theme.  And finally, for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I really like Cinderace for Flannery.  Yeah, I think that’s everything I’ve got.

One thought on “Leo M. R. [Patreon Cultist] asks:

  1. I’ve thought about what a Galarian team for N would look like, since the most appropriate team for him would be one where the central themes are: how the old interact with the new, and the oddities of local wildlife. Galar is suited well to that both of those, especially considering SWiSH have a serious love for Gen 5 for some reason.

    Indeedee (gendered to game).

    And since were here, a full Galar team for Ghetsis

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