Leo M. R. [Patreon cultist] asks:

You know how you can’t freeze a Pokémon during intense sunlight? What if we did the reverse and have it so that you can’t burn a Pokémon when it’s hailing (which I think makes quite a bit of sense); do you reckon that’ll make hail a more competitively-viable weather condition, considering many Pokémon rely on either burning others or being burned themselves? Happy holidays, btdubs!

Hmm.  I like it as a subtle buff to hail. I am wary because Sun and Moon already nerfed burn significantly by reducing its damage from 1/8 per turn to 1/16, to balance it with poison (which does 1/8 per turn but doesn’t reduce the victim’s stats), but hail is probably still niche enough that this is fine.  More importantly to me, it feels weird for hail to have this effect without rain also getting it, since it’s usually rain that weakens Fire attacks and thematically it makes just as much sense (if not more) for rain to soothe burns.  I think the issues with hail hint at a broader problem of the Ice type struggling to find an identity distinct from Water, which kinda goes back to generation I.  In a way, it’s actually of a piece with my old complaint that “Grass-types Don’t Get Nice Things” – the type’s identity has always been defined in such a rigid way that flavour considerations rule out a lot of good mechanical possibilities for rebalancing it, particularly in the case of buffing the hail weather condition.

Also, happy thing and stuff to you too, and to everyone else reading!

5 thoughts on “Leo M. R. [Patreon cultist] asks:

  1. I’ve always wanted to fix Hail by making it effective for multiple types to use. Rain (Water/Flying/Electric), Sun (Grass/Fire), Sand (Rock/Ground/Steel) all have multiple types they benefit so a weather team needn’t be too restricted. Hail not only only has one type but it’s *factually the worst type in the game*.

    My four-step plan to fix Ice and Hail teams:
    – Remove Ice’s weakness to Fighting, make it neutral. You ever tried punching a glacier? It doesn’t freakin’ work.
    – Give Ice a Water resistance. Why? It’s you, but harder.
    – Make it so Fighting types are immune to Hail. NO WEATHER CAN HARM THE CALMEST WARRIOR
    – Make it so Ice types get a 50% Defence buff in Hail, same way Sandstorm gives Rocks a 50% sp.def buff.


    1. I like your general ideas, but I would swap out Fighting for Rock, personally. Fighting’s strength over Ice is thematically similar to its strength over Rock and Steel, in that master martial artists are supposed to be able to bend or break anything with enough power. Rock’s strength over Ice makes less sense to me. Agreed on adding a Water resistance to Ice and the defense buff to Ice-types in Hail. Not sure about the Fighting-type immunity to Hail because in that case they should also be immune to Sandstorm, no?


      1. I pretty much went with Ice+Fighting being the Hail users rather than Ice+Rock because Rock already gets a buff from Sandstorm, arguably the best weather type. Plus there’s the stereotypical image of a wizened old sensei training atop the highest cold mountains that I think gives Fighting a fitting complement.


  2. Yeah, I agree that it really should be rain and not hail to get this effect, particularly considering Burn-cancelling moves like Sparkling Aria and Abilities like Water Bubble. But, I mean… Water and rain absolutely do not need any more buffs!


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