Mr. Rected asks:

So now that we have Mega Evolution, Z Moves, and Dyna/Gigantamaxing, if you were in charge, for Gen 9, what would be their totally unprecedented, initially controversial, yet eventually beloved battling Schtick,? Also what type of cake do you think would taste best half burned?

Well, the answer to the cake question, I know from experience, is chocolate; like, ideally you don’t ever want your cake half-burned, but I would say that, of the half-burned cakes, chocolate is the one that suffers the least.

As for the other thing… sooooooooo, I don’t just have a developed idea for one of these lying around, and I’m not sure if there is a “best” answer unless we develop the setting and story in concert (which… no; go away and leave me alone), but here’s three spitball ideas.

  • Tag team moves: Special moves that are stronger and have additional effects based on the depth of a Pokémon’s friendship with another Pokémon on your team.  They’re powerful, but place constraints on team-building because they rely on fairly specific combinations, and lose a lot of their strength if the chosen partner has already been knocked out.
  • Trainer abilities: Passive effects that benefit your whole team, of which you can learn many but only use one at a time.  Ideally none of these are straight-up power boosts, but are more utility-based – maybe all your weather and terrain effects last one turn longer, or all your berries have increased effects, things like that.  Probably not flashy enough, but certainly could be powerful in subtle ways.
  • Summons: By developing a relationship with a legendary Pokémon, you can summon it to intervene in battles on your behalf.  In practice this probably ends up working a lot like Dynamaxing, in that you spontaneously have a much stronger Pokémon on the field for a few turns, but I think you could do interesting things with it in the story.

7 thoughts on “Mr. Rected asks:

  1. Is apple cake an international thing? ‘Cause if you try some kind of (possibly salty) caramel-apple cake it would probably tolerate some degree of burning.

    Additionally, a half-burned salty caramel-apple cake would work perfectly as Gen 9’s signature game mechanic.


  2. When SwSh were not yet out and people were speculating about “armoured forms”, I thought that was a pretty cool idea. You could apply “armour” or “weapons” to a Pokemon (possibly in the form of an item) and it could tweak/boost their stats, at the cost of holding something else. Or it could work like Assault Vest and prevent the use of status moves.

    So you could make a defensive pokemon offensive (I’m imagining Blissey with a massive metal sword in hand) or an offensive pokemon defensive (like armoured Mewtwo). Or perhaps it’s a generic form fully-evolved Pokemon could wield like a form change, which gives a +20 boost to all their base stats. I like the general “armour” idea though, it seems more in keeping with the British theme. Much more so than Dynamax.

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