“A Pokémon Trainer Is You!” is coming back!

This has been paused for far longer than I meant it to be, but starting tomorrow, A Pokémon Trainer Is You! is coming back! If you don’t know/remember what that is (in which case, well, I can’t blame you; I haven’t written anything for it in months) APTIY is an interactive story loosely based on the events of Pokémon: Red and Blue, where the main character’s actions and choices are determined by polls of the audience. It was previously on a weekly update schedule, but in future I’m going to aim for every two weeks, at least for the time being, to avoid taking too much time away from articles. If you haven’t read any of this story before, or just want a refresher on everything that’s happened so far, you can read it all here!

2 thoughts on ““A Pokémon Trainer Is You!” is coming back!

  1. Oooh, yeah, I was waiting for this!
    Also, it’ll be amazing to pick up where we last left off. A nice, quiet point in the story, where we…. *reads text* were in the middle of an attack by a band of wild Pokémon that could probably eat us. Well that’s as good of an introduction to the series as any, for any new readers.


    1. If by “the series” you mean Pokemon in general, then yeah, that plus the official marketing sums up why people our age still like it. (Well, Chris and I are probably roughly similar in age, at least, so that’s enough for first-person plural pronouns even if you aren’t)


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