State of the Blog

uh… nothing is on fire… none of the Pokémon are dead… the horrors of the space between the stars are quiet… I need to buy milk tomorrow but I can probably remember to do that… things are good! I think!

Y’know, there is something weirdly addictive about the WordPress stats page. Day by day, hour by hour, the figures go up, and some number of people are paying attention to my deranged claptrap, fuelling my long, slow and inevitable descent into crippling narcissism.

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hugh_donnetono asks:

Does the new site have a search function? If so, where is it? If not, are you planning on adding one?

…y’know, it seems to, because in Google Chrome if you type into the search bar, followed by a space, and then a search query, you will be brought to something like this: I don’t actually know how to make an explicit search bar appear on the main page, which seems like it would be useful to have. I’ll look into it. It’d certainly beat the cr@p out of the old Tumblr; that had a search bar but was only capable of searching tags, not the actual text of posts…

Anonymous asks:

Will you ever continue your Pokemon anime reviews? I find your speculation on the anime universe to be very interesting, and it’s actually what drew me to your blog in the first place. It’s a shame to stop without even completing the Indigo League.

Y’know you have actually commented on this at just the right moment, because I totally want that to be the next thing that I do (alternating with the ongoing Nuzlocke story).  I always meant to go back to those because I honestly think they are some of the best stuff I’ve written; I just never got around to it somehow.  But yeah, this is absolutely going to happen.