12 thoughts on “Quick question for regular readers:

  1. I get e-mails whenever you update. It’s still via WordPress I guess, but signing in to make this comment is the first time I’ve used this account since originally signing up to follow you here haha

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      1. Honestly this is what makes the most sense to me, even though I kinda feel like it’s a very “early 2000s” way of reaching people. Tumblr and Twitter theoretically provide means for spreading ideas a lot further than your immediate base of followers, but you sort of have to be good at using them, which I never have been…

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      2. Same here. I have this blog right between the Patreon and Wikipedia bookmarks on my browser bar, so it’s virtually an instinct for me to click one when I do the others.

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  2. I follow you on Tumblr, so sometimes I see posts on my dash, but whenever I log onto my WordPress (about once a week) I always check the dashboard there and I’ve generally missed at least one lol.

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  3. Normally I get a Facebook message telling me I need to check our shared Dropbox to read over and comment on something you want to put up. I dont know if that’s particularly viable across your entire audience.

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