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Lore-wise, how is aura sphere a fighting type move if other pokemon besides Lucario (Togekiss, Clawitzer, Zeraora to name a few) can also learn it? And why is aura wheel electric?

Well, Aura Wheel is a different thing from Aura Sphere, because if you go back to the original Japanese, the “Aura” of Aura Wheel is オーラ, ōra – just the English word “aura” written in katakana. This is, I have to assume, a reference to the new-age/pseudoscience concept of auras, visible, colourful energy fields that represent your personality or mood (which is why Aura Wheel changes type according to Morpeko’s mood).  The “Aura” of Aura Sphere, also mentioned in Lucario’s flavour text, is はどう/波動, hadou, which means something like “wave energy” (see also the classic Street Fighter move Hadouken, or “Wave Motion Fist”).  Despite the English translations, the two are completely unrelated.

As for the other Pokémon that learn Aura Sphere – the move is supposed to represent, basically, weaponised spiritual energy (it’s… well, it’s a Dragonball Z ki blast; there’s no other way to put it).  Lucario gets it because of the mastery of spirit produced by intense martial arts training.  Other than Fighting-types, it’s primarily learned by Pokémon with what you might think of as “strong souls”; Togekiss, Mewtwo, the Sinnoh space-time trio, Magearna.  Clawitzer and Blastoise, on the other hand, get it because of their Mega Launcher ability, which powers up things with hadou in their Japanese names (the “Pulse” moves).

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    1. The worst part is how accurate this is. Like, it’s straight up morpeko’s mood and how hungry it is that converts its electric glands into darkness glands.

      So aura wheel is not only vibe wheel, but also a mood™️.

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  1. “it’s… well, it’s a Dragonball Z ki blast; there’s no other way to put it”
    Except for, y’know, namedropping the Hadoken. Which you did before the quoted sentence. >_>

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    1. Oh there’s a gazillion ways to put it. The first one I thought of was actually “fighting spirit” like they yammer about in Gurren Lagann. Aura Sphere always seemed like such a simple concept to me it’s kind of odd to think another person found it weird.

      Like, nobody questions shadow ball: you shoot a clot of ghost magic, maybe ectoplasm, but non-ghosts can do it so maybe it’s just a vague energy thingy. Energy Ball is the same for grass. Aura Sphere is the same for fighting.

      It’s just named “sphere” instead of “ball” because it was made for Lucario, one of, if not the most, tryhard pokémon.


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