Bi guy asks:

If there was one Pokemon character (aside from Milo) that you could go out on a date with, who would it be?

I suppose it probably doesn’t count if I say Team Skull Grunt B from my dramatised playthrough of Moon Version, does it?  Besides, I already dated him.

So… hmm.  I like N a lot but he’s been through some $#!t and probably needs friends more than anything else.  I like people who are into fun science or esoteric history, like Roark or Morty, and those common interests might be a nice foundation for a relationship.  Cilan is a baker, which is a nice shared hobby, but I think the constant food puns would make me want to kill myself.  Honestly, Norman… like, he would never leave his family so there’s almost no point even bringing him up, but you ever hear the expression “DILF”?  Look, being a good dad is attractive; I’m only human, what do you want from me?

9 thoughts on “Bi guy asks:

    1. I mean, he’s away from home a lot, but he’s the only dad we ever *see* in the entire core series, he works hard for his family and he seems like he genuinely has a good relationship with his son/daughter; like, maybe the other Pokémon dads set kind of a low standard but I think he does pretty well, all things considered!

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      1. Giovanni wants to know your location. Yes, he was a terrible father and a terrible person, but he still makes the “only” part hyperbole. Ghetsis probably would too, but it’s implied that he’s lying about that so I’m not counting him.

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        1. There are more dads in Pokémon. Isn’t Byron Roark’s dad? Then there’s also Palmer, Barry’s father. There might be more that I don’t remember. But I think Chris meant fathers of the player charactr, of which we really know only the one – Norman.

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          1. Sure, but Giovanni and Ghetsis are the ones who would probably murder you if you forget they exist. Not even because of because of being forgotten, so much as killing people being what they do for a living.

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      2. Good by comparison doesn’t actually mean good. :-p

        I’m (mostly) joking around though. I don’t think the games give enough information for a solid ruling on whether Norman is a good dad. We barely see him interact with his child and don’t know their relationship in the past. However, someone brought up Birch and that really gives you the best of both worlds: science man AND good dad.

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  1. How much of a crime would it be to ship you with Looker? 😛

    Also, if we’re talking Good Hoenn Dads then you’re overlooking Professor Birch. Come on Chris: a published academic, supportive of their child, isn’t away from his family, kinda got that “lovable bumbling doofus” vibe, and have you seen the dad bod he’s rocking? What more could you want?!

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  2. Professor Sycamore is the hottest guy in Pokémon imo. Brycen is hot too. Simping over videogame characters is completely normal… right?

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  3. How have none of you dweebs even mentioned the nerd jocks who like pokémon training and have six packs. I mean. Maybe it’s debatable that pokémon training in-universe has innately nerdy parts, and maybe the jocks who enjoy it don’t care much for the nerdy parts, but even if I don’t have anything in common with them and couldn’t have a long term relationship- which, as stated, I find debatable- I still wanna at least try to bang Brawly, Marlon, and maybe Kabu and Bruno.

    I agree with Chris on N, except that if in the hypothetical where you know him you’re the protagonist of BW, then he already has a crush on you and if you two just take things slow I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    If you’re thinking of a shared interest in cooking, it’s not a hobby for him and he can be pretty intense about things but Siebold’s also pretty classy and cool.

    Wallace has the pros of being A Lot, and the cons of being A Lot, likewise for Ryuki and Raihan- Raihan can be more chill than either of them, but he’s got a celebrity lifestyle that’s harsh to keep up with.

    Piers is cool. Musicians are cool.

    I still think Milo’s face doesn’t fit on his body and it’s creepy.

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