pie asks:

I just realized–remember that post you made about Pokemon and Food where you concluded that the Pokemon world has no bacon? Well now we have LECHONK, who is a chonky fellow that is Normal type and basically just a pig, and therefore we have now achieved bacon.

Oh, it’s even better than that, because Lechonk is a black pig in an Iberian region, which means it’s definitely the specific breed of pig used for making the fantastically rare and expensive gourmet cured pork product known as jamón Ibérico.  Black Iberian pigs are raised to forage wild acorns according to ancient traditional practices, making them strong and muscled but also full of marbled fat; their meat is the Wagyu beef of pork.  A leg of Iberico ham will set you back several hundred dollars.  Lechonk isn’t just a pig: it is the most delicious pig in the universe.

They’re practically asking for us to eat our Pokémon.

[EDIT/FOOTNOTE: this is the ancient post in question. Obviously there are pre-gen IX pig Pokémon, but I argued that all of them are, for one reason or another, not good candidates for food production at a commercial scale.]

6 thoughts on “pie asks:

    1. The post itself explained this: the Spoink line is psychic-types who lack the physicality for good meat while the Tepig line is fire-types who laugh at your puny stovetop.

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      1. Yeah, the issue was if you take a look at Spoink there’s really no meat on it, and an evolved Pokémon like Grumpig isn’t really suitable for commercial mass production.


  1. The new sandwich making minigame has meat featured, including Ham! Where does it come from Game Freak? (Even worse, you can feed your sandwiches to your Pokemon, including Lechonk XD)

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