Anonymous asks:

So I found a wild Vileplume in my house in Pokemon GO and decided to name it Chris :).

This pleases me.  Let it be known that, when Pokémon are named after me (especially Grass Pokémon, and especially ones in the Vileplume line), my spiritual power increases, bringing me closer to eventual domination of the earth.  Go now, my minions, and continue to do my dark bidding.

Anonymous asks:

Lately I’ve been learning about xenophyophores. They’re quite fascinating. Have you ever heard of them?

I have not.  Go go gadget Wikipedia.

Huh.  So they’re… kinda like great big deep-sea sponges, but actually more closely related to amoebas?  And… single-celled?  Wow.  That’s one heck of a cell.  But multiple nuclei, which strikes me as cheating somewhat.  I mean that’s essentially just a whole bunch of cells that really don’t have their $#!t together.  Like Reuniclus.  But yeah, that’s all pretty neat.

Spin-ataxx asks:

You didn’t just miss Go – you also missed regional-variant Pokémon finally being a thing in the games. We now live in a world inhabited by ice-breathing Vulpix and long-necked Exeggutors.

Okay but I missed that deliberately because I avoid spoilers from upcoming Pokémon games and I DIDN’T READ ANY OF WHAT YOU JUST SAID LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING

Anonymous asks:

Religious attacks aside, I think your recent post on the Orlando shootings were well stated. It sickens me that this kind of thing happens so often in our country, and I can’t imagine any logical reason to allow civilians access to assault rifles. I just want to say I know plenty of religious people on your side. And don’t feel guilty for being “spared” of this sort of attack. Ideally, we’ll reach a time where humans aren’t slaughtered for trivial reasons (or any at all). I’m glad you’re safe.

Thanks; I appreciate the message.  I’m sorry if that part bothered you; emotions were running a bit high when I wrote that, but I have Christian, Muslim and Jewish friends, some of whom are gay or bisexual themselves.  It’s just frustrating to see religion used to justify bigotry over and over again because a small minority still want to worship a bloodthirsty Bronze Age sky god instead of his 21st century reincarnation – as I’m sure many of the religious would agree.