Heart Gold Kingslocke: Episode 1

Introduction/rules here.

Sunrise over water

Hello, Johto, my old friend; I’ve come to play through you again.

Title screen with Ho-oh

There is some deep part of my nostalgia that Heart Gold and Soul Silver touch in a way that Fire Red and Leaf Green somehow don’t.  Maybe it’s just that they’re better put-together than their predecessors, or that the original Gold and Silver were better put-together than their predecessors.  Maybe we’ll figure out what it is.  There’ve been longer shots, after all.

Of course, I’ll have enough on my mind just keeping my insane tarot-based challenge rules straight.

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Anonymous asks:

What is the typical day like for a trainer like youngster Joey?

Joey gets up bright and early every day at 7:00 sharp, devours some toast and a bowl of cereal, and rushes out to try and fit in some training with Rattata before school.  He’s not really supposed to bring Rattata to school ever since the infamous Cheese Curds Debacle in the school music room, but he just can’t bear to be separated from his special little guy, so he reminds Rattata every day to stay curled up quietly inside his Pokéball while he’s in class (Joey doesn’t really understand how Pokéballs work, but he assumes Rattata is curled up in there). Continue reading “Anonymous asks:”

Anonymous asks:

how about an FMK but with places? let’s call this “visit, live in, nuke”? idk, i’m just making this up as i go. so, visit, live in, nuke: Verdanturf in Hoenn, Lacunosa in Unova, and Cherrygrove in Johto.

Okay, well, gonna nuke Lacunosa Town because it has a stupid name, as I’m sure you will agree after reading this paragraph taken from my old playthrough journal of White 2: Continue reading “Anonymous asks:”