Anonymous asks:

What is the typical day like for a trainer like youngster Joey?

Joey gets up bright and early every day at 7:00 sharp, devours some toast and a bowl of cereal, and rushes out to try and fit in some training with Rattata before school.  He’s not really supposed to bring Rattata to school ever since the infamous Cheese Curds Debacle in the school music room, but he just can’t bear to be separated from his special little guy, so he reminds Rattata every day to stay curled up quietly inside his Pokéball while he’s in class (Joey doesn’t really understand how Pokéballs work, but he assumes Rattata is curled up in there).  They battle one of the other kids at least once a day, sometimes more if they have the energy, either before school or during their lunch break.  Some of the other kids have two or even three Pokémon, but his super-cool Rattata can give them all a run for their money at the very least.  Sometimes, if Joey doesn’t have much homework, there’s time for them to leave Cherrygrove City for a couple of hours after school and battle some real wild Pokémon.  The wild Pokémon aren’t as healthy as the ones that belong to the kids at school, but they have a survival instinct to them that makes them tough to beat, so Joey usually calls one of his friends to brag after Rattata wins a battle out there.  He’s seen a few cool Pokémon like Metapod and Spinarak in the wild, and sometimes he thinks about catching them, but he’s not sure he could spare the time to feed and play with them as well as Rattata, so he always decides just to stick with his partner.  Joey’s mum makes him promise to be back by dark so he can have dinner with his family, and then he’ll watch TV for a couple of hours before bed.  Rattata usually sleeps on the end of his bed, but occasionally gets restless and spends the night outside – probably playing with wild Rattata.  Joey doesn’t mind, though – Rattata’s always waiting for him on the front doorstep when he gets up in the morning.

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