Anonymous asks:

how about an FMK but with places? let’s call this “visit, live in, nuke”? idk, i’m just making this up as i go. so, visit, live in, nuke: Verdanturf in Hoenn, Lacunosa in Unova, and Cherrygrove in Johto.

Okay, well, gonna nuke Lacunosa Town because it has a stupid name, as I’m sure you will agree after reading this paragraph taken from my old playthrough journal of White 2:

“Professor Juniper comments that the wall is probably what gives the town its name; lacunosus clouds are a type of cloud that are supposed to look like a fence or a net…. clearly the town’s founders were influenced by either an astonishing lack of confidence in their stonework or a distressingly poor command of Latin – lacunosus means “full of holes” (this, I should note, is its strictest, most literal sense; it could also be taken to mean “collapsed,” “sunken,” “waterlogged,” or just downright “inadequate”).”

Cherrygrove City would be a nice place to visit, I think, because there’s a lot of nice scenery and it’s quiet and you can maybe take a day trip to the Ruins of Alph or something.  I’d rather live in Verdanturf Town though; as well as being legendary for its clean air and beautiful meadows, it’s right on the crossroads between two of Hoenn’s biggest cities, Rustboro and Mauville (at least, once the tunnel is finished), as well as fairly close to Slateport, so you have a lot of the convenience of being near a large urban area, whereas Cherrygrove City is kind of remote.

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