Anonymous asks:

What kind of music do you listen to?

I sort of don’t, really.  I have a great big iTunes playlist of my favourite video game music (lots from Pokémon, lots from Civ V, lots from Undertale, lots from Homestuck which isn’t a video game but sort of acts like one, quite a bit from Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, little bit from Starcraft, little bit from Final Fantasy), but I don’t follow any bands or performers, and to be honest couldn’t even name many, or describe them in terms of genre.

Anonymous asks:

If you had to pick your least favorite & favorite starters (Pikachu doesn’t count) which would you pick?

*sigh* Oh, Bulbasaur, I don’t care which regional Pokédex we’re looking at, you’ll always be #001 in my heart…


Totodile, on the other hand, is silly.

My thoughts on these and all the other starters in excruciating detail can be found here (the 5th and 6th generation starters as part of my general reviews of each generation, all the rest as part of a series I did on, well, starter Pokémon).

Anonymous asks:

Imagine that you have been hired to become a gym leader/elite four. You must have a team of one main type only, maybe with an extra pokemon of a different type added in there. What type would you choose, and what would your team be?

One main type only?  Pssht.  Bo-ring.

(If you really want to see my single-type team, take a look at this other question I answered this morning)

Personally, I think the whole single-type Gym deal is getting a bit old.  I do believe Gyms should have unifying themes, and often a single type is a nice way of doing that, but I’d like to see some Gyms with more abstract themes, like the Viridian Gym of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, which is based around not a type but a move – Trick Room.

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