Poke the Bear asks:

Since you wrote at such length on Flying types…

god damn it; I knew it was a mistake to indulge that one

Do you think you could rank your favourite ghost-types by design?

I’d love to hear what you think of them…

So… there’s about twenty-seven Ghost-type Pokémon or evolutionary lines of Pokémon, give or take (depending on exactly who you count).  I think it’s reasonable to pick… let’s say a top five?  Does that seem fair?  I’m not sure there are any Ghost Pokémon that I dislike, because Ghost is a type that tends to attract the sort of antiquity/mythology/folklore-based Pokémon that I find really interesting – the ones that I’m the most “meh” on are probably… I guess Rotom and Gourgeist, which are perfectly fine.  That’s… like, honestly that’s a much better hit rate than Grass, which is ostensibly my favourite type.  But anyway, let’s pick some favourites.

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Regular Bidoof asks:

What are some of your favorite underrated/overlooked pokemon?

Well, I suppose it depends on what we mean by underrated or overlooked… some Pokémon are “overlooked” in that they’ve never been competitively viable, but nonetheless have a sort of cult following, like Dunsparce, whom your mega-evolved counterpart asked about recently, and if allowed, Dunsparce would definitely go on my list.  Pokémon that are genuinely overlooked in that they have no fans whatsoever, I mostly kind of think deserve it, like Qwilfish.  For some reason I’m very fond of Delibird, who is legitimately terrible, but I don’t know whether there’s a fan following for Delibird.  Carbink may not qualify as overlooked because of its link to Diancie, but I do have a weird soft spot for Carbink because I have a pet theory that it’s the oldest of all Pokémon (I reject Mew’s claim on the position, in what I realise is a conflict with established lore).  Druddigon is, frankly, my spirit Pokémon, because I too aspire to live in a dark cave and hate everybody, and Druddigon has definitely never had the competitive spotlight and I don’t think has ever been especially popular, so I think “overlooked” is justifiable here.  And lastly, my favourite Pokémon is Vileplume, who… isn’t really overlooked or underrated, I don’t think, but has never been, like, top-tier super popular either.

hugh_donnetono asks:

So Grass is your favorite type, and Vileplume is your favorite Pokemon, right? Why?

To be honest, some of it is probably buried so deep in things that I decided I liked as a 10-year-old that it’s unrecoverable.  In fact, part of it is probably that my first Pokémon game was Blue, and Oddish is exclusive to Red, and kids want what they can’t have.  I suppose I like Grass-types because I like plants; I grew up with a big garden, and in New Zealand we’re taught to take pride in our unspoiled, primordial forests (which, no matter what Tourism New Zealand or The Lord of the Rings try to tell you, are in decline).  Plants are interesting scientifically and historically too.  There’s much more to them than just pieces of scenery; plants have incredibly varied and sophisticated ways of life, chemicals derived from plants inspired many important modern medicines, and the cultivation of plants in ancient times paved the way for stable food incomes and the growth of complex civilisations.  And I consider Vileplume the archetypal Grass Pokémon: beautiful, gentle, calm, but you must always look and never, ever touch, because plants are inventive in how they defend themselves, and you might never see it coming.

Anonymous asks:

All things considered (gameplay, graphics, nostalgia, Pokémon Roster, storyline, miscellaneous shit… you name it), what is your Top 7 Pokémon Generations?

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Anonymous asks:

We all know you hate Arceus and the Jewel of Life, but what’s your FAVORITE Pokémon movie? This does not count TV specials (like the Mewtwo origin) or Origins/Generations. Mine’s probably The Power of One, simply because of pure nostalgia!

Y’know, I gotta be honest, most of them are pretty dumb in a lot of ways; like, I give Jewel of Life a lot of $#!t but Rise of Darkrai gets seriously trippy in places and I’m still not sure what the point of Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom was supposed to be.

Also, in fairness, there are several I haven’t seen.

But I guess I’m a fan of Power of One too, and that probably is nostalgia to some extent, but I still feel in retrospect like the way it treated its legendary Pokémon was relatively sane, most of the characters felt like they actually had reasons to be there (even Team Rocket), and, y’know what?  The whole “thus the world shall turn to Ash” thing was satisfying.  Dumb.  Corny.  But satisfying.

Anonymous asks:

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Which cat and dog Pokémon are your favorites?

I’m definitely a cat person; no offence to dogs, but I like quieter, less bouncy pets.  As for Pokémon… honestly I kinda think both cat and dog Pokémon are a *little* bit overdone at this point, and a lot of the cats are kind of dull… Glameow, Purrloin and Skitty are all pretty generic Pokémon… Litleo and Litten are amusing, I suppose… Espurr is fun; the whole “uncontrollable psychic fury” angle gives her something to stand out.  I’m not sure whether Shinx is a cat or not, but he’s fine. Continue reading “Anonymous asks:”

Anonymous asks:

Which of the current mega evolutions is your favorite or do you think is the best designed?

I’m very fond of Mega Sableye, personally.  Mega Evolution is a process that creates a crazy-overpowered super battle mode, not something that’s meant to exist as a realistic creature – it turns Pokémon into exaggerated versions of themselves.  I think Mega Sableye lugging around a massive jewel that it uses to reflect attacks (hence the Magic Bounce ability) is a fun, quirky way of doing that.