N asks:

Did you leave tumblr because they removed the porn?
(But seriously why don’t you like it anymore)

There’s no “anymore” about it; I don’t think I ever really liked Tumblr.  I started using it in the first place back in 2012 because a friend recommended it as (I’m paraphrasing) the hip and happening place to be, but frankly it was never very well-suited to the style of my blog.  Over the course of 2012-2017, it somehow managed to lose functionality and become harder to use every goddamn time the platform was updated.  It’s like the development team were moving backwards in time, starting with a passable, albeit idiosyncratic, blogging platform and gradually breaking or removing every useful capability.  For about a year before I left, I’d had to copy-paste my writing into the post editor via my e-mail inbox because if I tried to do it directly from Microsoft Word, Tumblr would decide to convert the text into an image, for some inane and impenetrable reason of its own.  The final straw for me (early in 2018, some months before the announcement of the pornpocalypse) was when they arbitrarily changed the HTML editor in a way that broke the captions of every single image I’ve ever put in a text post.  WordPress isn’t perfect either: I have to pay for it, I’ll have to pay more if I ever want CSS editing or anything else even remotely interesting, and redoing all the formatting that I lost in the transfer from Tumblr has been (and continues to be) a headache and a half.  The editing process is so much less broken and dumb that it’s frankly comical, though. I no longer feel like I have to fight against a platform that wants to impose a contrary vision of what a “blog” is supposed to be. Also, I have to admit that there’s something appealing and official-sounding about having my own .com domain name.

The Twitter’s Back

So, Jim the Editor has reminded me that I have a Twitter account, @pokemaniacal, which I was sort of hoping he would never do because I’m very bad at Twitter and I hate it. I tried to actually tweet things for a few months back in 2012, then gave up and just set it to tweet links whenever I posted something to Tumblr, and even that apparently stopped in early 2016 (presumably because Tumblr broke something, #fucktumblr). But I’m gonna give it another go, since I’m in a sort of rebranding phase with the new website and the Patreon page and everything, and maybe I can #engage my #followers by joining the #conversation (#hashtag #pleasekillme). So if you want to get notifications when I post something, or just hear whatever dumb brainfarts I decide to post there, go check it out.

hugh_donnetono asks:

Does the new site have a search function? If so, where is it? If not, are you planning on adding one?

…y’know, it seems to, because in Google Chrome if you type pokemaniacal.com into the search bar, followed by a space, and then a search query, you will be brought to something like this: https://pokemaniacal.com/?s=fish. I don’t actually know how to make an explicit search bar appear on the main page, which seems like it would be useful to have. I’ll look into it. It’d certainly beat the cr@p out of the old Tumblr; that had a search bar but was only capable of searching tags, not the actual text of posts…

Blog Status: Normal??

We haven’t talked in a while.  We should do that.

I spent most of the last year in Greece, participating in an intensive study program for PhD students in classical studies that takes us to archaeological sites all over the country and gives us opportunities for “backstage access” that would be impossible for almost anyone else (culminating in the incredible opportunity to spend three nights on the holy island of Delos – since there’s no modern town on Delos, any normal group would have to take the afternoon ferry back to Mykonos every day).  A priceless experience that I wouldn’t trade for almost anything, but… less than ideal for blog productivity, I have to admit.  Continue reading “Blog Status: Normal??”

Anonymous asks:

When is WordPress opening?

Uh… soon.  I don’t know; I was going to try and reformat all the old posts first (because the image captions are all gone, and the paragraph breaks are weird, and there’s slime in all the tubes, and reader questions came through really ugly, and all the hyperlinks that refer to other stuff I’ve written will point back to Tumblr, and the new school buses are up on blocks, and so on), but I did the Unova Pokédex ones and it took ages so now I don’t know if I have the heart to do it all at once.  So I’ll probably just declare the move and then clean up the mess later.

Anonymous asks:

hi u ok

Yes!  Uh, probably.  Still living in Athens; for a little bit I was on Delos where no one actually lives and the internet is crap, and in a few weeks I’ll be going to Corinth for a dig (or, I mean, people will be digging; I’ve been promised a chance to sit in the museum and play with the Roman window glass from previous excavation seasons, so… yay!).  Not super busy this month, so you should see some more stuff here for once!  Want to try and do Mudsdale this week, and another one the week after.  And I’ve been working on… another minor thing… Greece-related rather than Pokémon-related… that you may all be able to read in some form in the months to come (apologies for being mysterious but I don’t want to promise things before I know I can deliver them). Continue reading “Anonymous asks:”

oh hey, Tumblr changed the way its html editor works so that now, in every post I’ve ever written with a captioned image, the caption appears off to the side of the image instead of underneath and looks like it’s supposed to be part of the body text

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever liked a single change Tumblr has made to literally anything in the five years I’ve been using it; it just gets steadily clunkier and more opinionated about how it thinks my formatting should look.  Like, you could honestly just fire/execute the entire development team and revert to the 2012 version of the platform and I think I would probably be happier with that.  I mean, WHAT, in the name of all that is holy, was the feature that necessitated automatically translating copy-pasted text from Microsoft Word into an IMAGE OF THE TEXT, something that no one on earth has ever wanted for any purpose, and am I really the only person frustrated by having to work around it by copy-pasting twice via an e-mail program?

whaddya say we ditch this bull$#!t and migrate to WordPress or something; how does that sound

like, I don’t know what else is out there or what would be the best fit but it seems like Tumblr just gets harder to use every six months or so and I seriously cannot be fµ¢&ed anymore

Anonymous asks:

Whoa! Your layout changed! :O Now the questions and main posts are all on the same page; convenient! And I’m liking the ‘Current Project’ section there. Niiiiiice!

I’m glad you like it.  This blog’s format is kind of a complicated long-running battle between me and Tumblr, waged via my incredibly haphazard grasp of how html works, compounded by Tumblr’s philosophy that we should all do everything through the dashboard and that there’s absolutely no reason to make old posts easy to find or search.  To be perfectly honest, we’re lucky you can still see the main page at all after I’ve spent an hour mucking around in there.