Anonymous asks:

hi u ok

Yes!  Uh, probably.  Still living in Athens; for a little bit I was on Delos where no one actually lives and the internet is crap, and in a few weeks I’ll be going to Corinth for a dig (or, I mean, people will be digging; I’ve been promised a chance to sit in the museum and play with the Roman window glass from previous excavation seasons, so… yay!).  Not super busy this month, so you should see some more stuff here for once!  Want to try and do Mudsdale this week, and another one the week after.  And I’ve been working on… another minor thing… Greece-related rather than Pokémon-related… that you may all be able to read in some form in the months to come (apologies for being mysterious but I don’t want to promise things before I know I can deliver them).

Also!  I got a WordPress site!  I don’t know how it works yet and a lot of the old posts will need to be reformatted because it’s difficult to keep everything the way I like it in the process of importing from Tumblr so I’m not actually ready to formally “move” there, but it’s happening. is now a thing.  Maybe in another month or so we can be free of this garbage website.

IN THE MEANTIME you should all definitely look at Jim the Editor’s new YouTube channel if you haven’t already; he’s doing a playthrough of Fire Red, run through a randomiser (so all the wild Pokémon are random, all the trainers’ Pokémon are random, all the movesets are random, everything evolves into other things at random, it’s all just totally bat$#!t) and using the dumb bull$#!t challenge rules I wrote a couple of months back, which he has dubbed a “Kingslocke” and has also (to my knowledge) not yet attempted while drunk.  There’s high drama, there’s friendship, there’s loss, I appear as the rival (partnered with a Delibird whose only move is Thunder, because… of course), there’s a wide range of absurd Pokémon including a Wigglytuff with Fire Blast who is probably a reincarnation of Barbra Streisand, a bone-wielding metal-clawed Sealeo and a heroic spinning Dodrio, there’s Jim’s enchanting-as-fµ¢& Kiwi accent and terrible sense of humour… what more could you possibly ask for?  And don’t say “more Pokémon reviews” I’M WORKING ON IT I SWEAR

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