hugh_donnetono asks:

Does the new site have a search function? If so, where is it? If not, are you planning on adding one?

…y’know, it seems to, because in Google Chrome if you type into the search bar, followed by a space, and then a search query, you will be brought to something like this: I don’t actually know how to make an explicit search bar appear on the main page, which seems like it would be useful to have. I’ll look into it. It’d certainly beat the cr@p out of the old Tumblr; that had a search bar but was only capable of searching tags, not the actual text of posts…

3 thoughts on “hugh_donnetono asks:

  1. Further to this, it seems like adding a search box would require a “plug-in,” which is something I can use if I upgrade to WordPress Business… at a cost of $30/month… which considering this blog currently makes me $0/month is a bit much… maybe this is an argument for setting up a Patreon soonish.

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    1. Thank you for the information! Man, why didn’t I think to try googling? It’s great that there is a search thing _somewhere,_ though “30 bucks a month for a search bar” does make me feel like “fuck WordPress only very slightly less so than tumblr.” Still, if you do set up a Patreon I’ll probably throw you a buck or two. You’re cool.

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      1. Heh; yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that seems like it should be straightforward but turns out to be only accessible using plugins when I look into it. Even basic stuff like changing the colour of links to make them stand out more from regular text, I can’t do, because you need to be on the $10/month “premium” plan to unlock CSS editing. Tumblr was like “yeah, you can do whatever you want; it just won’t work” whereas WordPress tends to be more “eh, you *could* do that, but how much do you *really* want it?”

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