[my miltanks bring several existential thoughts to the yard and they’re like, “moooooooo”] asks:

it’s pride month and we’re all stuck inside so i was wondering which place in the pokémon world would throw the baller-est pride parade?

yeah this is how long my question queue typically is these days; don’t ask me anything that’s specific to the time you’re asking it unless you’re okay with a margin of error of, like, a month

But yeah, um… I dunno, what’s the campiest city in the Pokémon world?  Saffron City and Goldenrod City are way too straight and business-y, likewise Wyndon in Galar; Ecruteak City’s probably too conservative; you’d want to get out to, like… Celadon or Olivine.  Mauville City’s glitzy and glamorous; Slateport and Lilycove have robust Pokémon Contest traditions, and you just know all the top competitors in those are queens; same goes for Hearthome City in Sinnoh (also… Fantina).  Sootopolis City and Castelia City have the campiest gym leaders – I mean… you could almost decide this with a lip-sync battle between Burgh and Wallace.  Spikemuth is probably a strong dark horse contender, ‘cause they know what it’s like to be oppressed and even the straights would be allies (less so Po Town in Alola, ‘cause Team Skull are still kinda working through their toxic masculinity baggage; Marnie wouldn’t put up with that $#!t).  Lumiose City has the highest concentration of coffee shops in the known universe, which is a very important resource, as well as the best clothes, makeup, etc.  Hau‘oli City is probably a good bet for similar reasons; it’s modern, it’s trendy, also their Captain is Ilima and just look at him; if that boy’s completely straight then I’m a shiny Wobbuffet.  The biggest regular pride parade in the real world is the São Paulo one, but there’s no Brazilian Pokémon region (yet?) and New York is also really big because of Stonewall, which is a point in favour of Castelia City.

Listen, I think there’s a lot of strong contenders here and honestly I don’t feel confident making a call.  We can turn this over to discussion in the comments; I just think the most important thing is for us not to lose sight of the fact that all the major characters in Pokémon are some flavour of queer, except for a few of the villains and, like, maybe Brock.  I don’t make the rules; I just enforce them.

Anonymous asks:

what’s the ideal place for you to live in in each region?

I like the mildness of maritime climates (leaving New Zealand has given me a lot of opportunities, but damn, the rest of the world has hot summers and cold winters, and I miss the ocean), and the convenience of medium-sized cities.  Places like Slateport City (which, incidentally, has some of my favourite music in the games), Fuchsia City, Olivine City, or Sunyshore City (the clean energy is a nice bonus).  Places that are near to interesting archaeological sites are also a draw, like Violet City, the town on Six Island in Sevii, or Geosenge Town.  Opelucid City might be interesting, with its past/future schizophrenia.  I’d take basically anywhere in Alola, probably Malie City given a choice.

Anonymous asks:

So where would you like to see a region based on? Greece? Italy? Pre-columbian America? (or have you already answered this in your “if i was in charge” stuff?)

You know, I think it came up in the Disqus comments to… something… once… somewhere… which I really can’t be bothered looking for…

I think as a classicist I’m “supposed” to say, like, “ancient Greece!” or “the Aegean!” or “the Mediterranean!” which, you know, don’t get me wrong, I would enjoy and all, and I know a lot of people are really positive about the idea of doing something along those lines, but to be honest, meh?  Do we really need Pokémon to pander to “the West” and its collective fangasm over classical Greek and Roman civilisation like that?  Actually, if I could pick the next Pokémon region, I would almost certainly go for something based on India.  India has a distinctive, recognisable culture, an ancient and glorious history, and an important place in the economy and politics of the modern world, which plays into what I’ve taken to calling Pokémon’s “international spirit.”  The huge variety of climates and terrain types – deserts, mountains, jungles, plains, rivers, swamps, you name it – is the icing on the cake; you can fit almost any damn Pokémon you like in there.  I think an Indian Pokémon region could turn out really cool.