Anonymous asks:

what’s the ideal place for you to live in in each region?

I like the mildness of maritime climates (leaving New Zealand has given me a lot of opportunities, but damn, the rest of the world has hot summers and cold winters, and I miss the ocean), and the convenience of medium-sized cities.  Places like Slateport City (which, incidentally, has some of my favourite music in the games), Fuchsia City, Olivine City, or Sunyshore City (the clean energy is a nice bonus).  Places that are near to interesting archaeological sites are also a draw, like Violet City, the town on Six Island in Sevii, or Geosenge Town.  Opelucid City might be interesting, with its past/future schizophrenia.  I’d take basically anywhere in Alola, probably Malie City given a choice.

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